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Kushikino Specialty, Kanba's Fried Fish Paste
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Kanba Kamaboko-Ten
17-25 Seisatsu-cho, Ichiki-Kushikino City, Kagoshima, Japan

Category: fish meat paste products
Raw Materials: Fish meat (cod, perilla), deep-sea water, egg, starch (wheat, potato), salt, glucose, fermented seasoning, seasoning (amino acid), preservatives (sorbic acid, shirakotan white), PH adjuster, synthetic coloring (blue #1, red #106)

Flour content: 5%

Best-Before Date: 約1週間

How to Store: Store at 1°C to 10°C. "Tsuke-age" can be stored in the freezer, but it should be eaten as soon as possible.

The image is too small to tell, but they were wrapped in one kind of package.


Speaking of Satsuma-Age, it is familiar as the seed of oden and the ingredient of simmered vegetables. As the name suggests, Satsuma-Age originated in the Satsuma region of Kagoshima Prefecture, where it is often made at home and at many famous restaurants.

Incidentally, this deep-fried kamaboko called "Satsuma-Age" in Kanto and Tohoku regions is called "Hanpen" in Chubu region and Hiroshima prefecture, "Tempura" in western Japan and Hokkaido, and "Tsukiage" in Kagoshima prefecture.

It's the usual Satsuma-Age. If you try it without anything on it, you'll see that it's very good. Maybe it's much better than the supermarket's, but it's just as good now. The next time I tried it with wasabi soy sauce, it was, mmmm, wonderfully delicious. I think it would be a waste to put this into simmered vegetables.

As I ate it, I gradually noticed a sweet taste, which may be unique to Satsuma-Age. Also, the oil used for frying doesn't have the sticky feeling of tempura or "kara-age", it's so light and dry that it's almost like you forget about oil.

I was surprised at how fluffy and puffy it was when I tried to boil it later. The thickness is also different, and the amount of fish used is different.

By the way, Kagoshima people say that soy sauce is also sweet, and they don't make it sweet by making full use of ingredients or manufacturing method, but they add sweetener afterwards. I heard that the name of the ingredient is written as "sugar, saccharin, licorice and stevia".
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