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Kikyo Shingen-Mochi
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Co., Ltd. Kikyo-Ya
1298 Tsuboi, Ichinomiya-cho, Fuefuki City, Yamanashi, Japan

Category: Confectionery
Product Name: Kikyo Shingen-Mochi
Raw Materials: Sugar, Water Candies, Black Honey, Cake Flour, Yellow Powder (Soybean)


What is Shingen-Mochi? I was intrigued, and when I looked at the image, it looked like a normal souvenir... It seems that there is no image of Takeda Shingen, and the wrapping is a modern version of the product. This kind of souvenir really reminds me of the importance of naming. Incidentally, Kikyo Shingen-Mochi was inspired by Abekawa Mochi's "Narashi", a Japanese rice cake with yellow flour and molasses.

When I opened the package, the aroma of yellow powder drifted in with a poof. Well, if you mix it up properly and eat one, hmm? It's surprisingly delicious. The black molasses creates an indescribable flavor, and the yellow flour is transformed into a different kind of flavor. The texture of the rice cake is like a transparent type of kudzu rice cake. If you try to lick only the brown sugar, it's just like brown sugar itself.

There are many sweets of this kind throughout the country. If you get a souvenir at work, you'll find that your desk is covered with yellow powder. However, this Kikyo Shingen-Mochi has a plastic wrapping cloth attached to each piece, so you can spread it out and eat it without making a mess. I hate the thoughtfulness of it.

One day, the president of the company was on TV explaining how to eat it. I put all of the contents, including the molasses, out on a plastic sheet, made it into a tea towel, and milled it. He said it was good to eat without leaving any yellow flour. Maybe it's the way to eat that's being written these days. (In the TV show I saw later on, it was changed to take one rice cake out of the container, make a gap, and put molasses in it).

Incidentally, 100,000 pieces of Shingen-Mochi are made per day, and they are wrapped in a furoshiki mat by 32 people.

I heard that there is a "Kikyo Shingen-Mochi factory theme park" at the site. What I didn't know is that you can get as much Kikyo Shingen-Mochi as you want for 220 yen... Eh.
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