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Originator Yoshino-Ya
173 Oaza Umeno, Yamato-cho, Saga City, Saga, Japan

Category: fresh confectionery
Product Name: Shiratama-Manjuu,Charring Shiratama-Manjuu
Raw Materials: Rice, red beans, sugar, salt

How to Store: Store at -18°C or less
Best-Before Date: About 2 months (only on that day after thawing)


I heard that there is a specialty called "Shiratama-Manjuu(white ball manjuu)" at Kawakami Gorge, a tourist spot in Saga Prefecture. It is an excellent product that is based on "Uruchi rice" and conveys the taste of the time when it was founded in the 15th year of Meiji. And the bun that looks like a rice cake is not made with glutinous rice, but only with "Uruchi rice" (ordinary rice). It looks like a rice cake, but I wonder if it's not really a rice cake.

Incidentally, three famous local restaurants, Yoshinoya, Ike no ie, and Tokiwa ie, call themselves "Original" or "Honke", which is very confusing. Well, adults...

This "Shiratama-Manjuu" has an expiration date of only one day because it is a fresh confectionery. But don't worry, you can order it frozen.

Now, I took it out of the bag and thawed it out. The flat, ping-pong ball-sized Shiratama-Manjuu comes in two types, the "charcoal" and the "normal", and when I tried the "charcoal" for the first time, I saw that it was a rice cake. The inside is sweet red bean paste and the okoge is fragrant. Mmm, this is good. It's sure to reign supreme as a specialty. Well, to put it simply, it's a kind of oyaki. And the normal one has the elegant taste of a white ball of dango.

After lunch, I ate five of them, but I felt something was not enough. Hmm, it's so light. No, in the Bethbara Chick.

As recommended in the accompanying instructions, I tried the natural defrosting and the steamed one, and the simple natural defrosting one was tasty enough. Rather than making a troublesome steamed dish, I think it's better to do it here.
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