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Chiba-honten carefully made Originator Shiro-Anpan
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Originator Shiro-Anpan

Shiro-Anpan has been in Murone Village (now Murone-cho, Ichinoseki City) in Iwate since long time ago, and although it is quite local, it is a particularly famous bun in this area. So it seems to be a kind of manjuu (manjuu), but for some reason, it's an alternative with an awkward name of 'Anpan'. I'm a little worried that "Shiro-Anpan" has been forgotten in recent years.

I asked a local person about it, and he told me that other shops had tried to imitate this Shiro-Anpan, but they couldn't make the same thing, so they stopped. It seems easy, but it's not easy, because it's such a "Shiro-Anpan".

The "Shiro-Anpan" that the locals had bought for me was in a clear food pack. It's been a long time since I've eaten it and I'm like, "Oh, this is it! The sugar on the whole surface of this bun is so strong that it's a little hard on my body (I'm a metabolic syndrome), but... The inside of the bun was starchy like a Japanese sweets, the same color as the outside, and there was literally white bean jam in the center.

This sweet has been made since the 4th year of Meiji Era (1868-1912) and has a long history. It is a soul food sweet that the elderly eat with nostalgia. It must have been a high-end product, because there were such sweets in the past. This amount of sugar is a little harsh for modern people, but if this sugar disappears, no one will pay attention to it, I guess.
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