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Sanuki-Specialty Soy Sauce Sola Beans
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Category: Side dish
Product Name: Old Soy Sauce Sola Beans
Raw Materials: Sola beans, sugar, soy sauce, water candy, mirin, chili pepper, (wheat is included in some of the ingredients)

Soy Sauce Sola Beans

Soy Sauce Sola Beans is one of the most representative local dishes of Sanuki. It is made by frying beans in a baking tile and steaming them in a hot sauce made of soy sauce, sugar, mirin and chili pepper. This is the "taste of mother" that the mother-in-law tells her daughter-in-law. Soy Sauce Sola Beans are different from boiled beans in that they have a light texture. It was written on the bag.

Hmmm, just hearing the name "Soy Sauce Sola Beans" sounds delicious. I'm sure they've devised a lot of things to make the light white sorame taste good. Sanuki is famous not only for its udon but also for its soy sauce, so I'm looking forward to it.

As the name implies, the brown, slightly baked sola beans have a rather savory soy sauce aroma. Just sniffing this smell made me drool, so I couldn't help it. When I tried one of them, it was surprisingly hard on the skin, crispy on the inside, and chewier than I expected.

Overall, the taste was of the Mitarashi-Dango style, but with a refreshing taste that also retained the characteristics of sora beans. This is pretty good.

This is not suitable for a side dish of rice. It's a little sweet, so it's best as a snack, and a little bit of it is good for drinks. Well, it's just a cup of tea or a dessert after dinner.
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