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Kiyoken-Shumai (vacuum packed)
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Co., Ltd. Kiyoken
675-1, Kawamuko-cho, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa, Japan

Category: Shumai (vacuum packed)
Product Name: Shumai (retort packaged food)
Raw Materials: pork, scallops, onions, green peas, starch, wheat flour, sugar, salt, pepper, mustard

Some are ready to eat and some are vacuum packed (they last about 3 months).


Kiyooken's siu-mai, a specialty of Yokohama. This "shumai" is written as "siu-mai", not "shu-mai". By the way, when we talk about "shumai", there are gyoza, anman, and Chinese buns. And I think of Yokohama's Chinatown. Ah~, as a sweet person, I'd rather not give up gekkei.

As I was thinking, this shop, Kiyoken, not only makes all kinds of shiu mai, but also nikuman, anman, and gekkei, and they even sell shiu mai bento.

Remove the items from the red box and microwave them. Oh, and there was a separate powdered, kneaded mustard on top. When I looked at that warmed-up meat shiu-mai, the skin was thin and the meat inside looked brown through the thin skin. I tried it and it was rich in meat and also had some green peas in it. Yes, it has a good taste too. Next, I tried the baked one as well, and this one seemed more like a ham. I think it's probably delicious. To tell you the truth, I'm not a meat lover, but I'm more of a shrimp seaweed fan...

I learned later that Kiyoken-Shumai is famous for coming with a soy sauce shaker called "Hyou-chan". They are made of pottery with pictures of various expressions, and there are even collectors of these.

But for some reason, the vacuum pack I bought didn't come with it... → The "vacuum-packed shiu-mai" and "shiu-mai bento" don't have a hyo-chan on them.

Also, the shiu-mai bento is the best-selling ekiben in Japan, with 20,000 meals a day, and the taste hasn't changed for 88 years, and the shiu-mai has always had green peas in it. The rice cooked by steam is chewy and the container is made of wood to regulate the water content.

Kiyoken-Shumai was created in response to Kiyoken's request by Wu Tie Sun (from Guangdong, China), the founder of Shunhai Pavilion in Yokohama's Chinatown. So, I heard that Sunhaigaku is called the original shiu mai.
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