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Raw Materials: Shikuwasa,Antioxidant (vitamin C)


What the hell is Shikuwasa? What word is that? I'm sure you'd like to try it at least once, Shikuwasa! By the way, the pronunciation of Shikuwasa is difficult to call, but it is called Shikuwasa in other words, it is actually various.

Shikuwasa, also known as Hirami Lemon, is a type of citrus fruit that grows wild in Okinawa. He said that many of them are grown in Ogimi Village, a village of longevity in Okinawa, and are used on a daily basis. It looks like a sudachi or kabos, and is about 3 to 4 cm in diameter. It is said to contain several times higher levels of nobiletin than other citrus fruits, which is said to be effective in reducing the rise in blood sugar levels. It is often used in the same way as lemon or cobos, and it also goes great with Okinawan awamori.

*1) In Okinawan dialect, "Shi" means "acid" and "Kuwasa" means "something to eat".

When I picked it up to drink, it said, "It has a strong natural citric acid taste, so please dilute it according to your preference. Well, if you think of it as the same as a lemon, it makes sense. First, I poured a little bit of it into the chocolate. Then, a very nice citrusy scent came into the air. Take a little sip and you'll see that this is bitter, sour, and horrible. It's like drinking lemon juice with a strong aroma. No, I'm really here. I've been licking you, my dear.

Later, when I used it in place of vinegar, it smelled great and was the best compliment. Grilled fish, salad and berry goo, this is also good for shochu.
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