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KO-Zushi Black Ikano-Shiokara
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Product Name: Black Ikano-Shiokara
Raw Materials: Noto surume squid, Noto natural salt

How to Store: Chilled or frozen
Best-Before Date: 1 week in the refrigerator and 1 month in the freezer after opening the package

Black Ikano-Shiokara

Black Ikano-Shiokara is a specialty salted fish eaten in Toyama and the Noto Peninsula. It is the black "salted squid" with squid ink as you can imagine. Since "Black Ikano-Shiokara" has been around since the time of the Kitamae ship (Edo-Meiji era), it must have been the starting point of the current Toyama Black Ramen and Toyama Black (rice), which are all about black, black and black.

Incidentally, ordinary salted fish is called "red making" and the one fermented with koji is called "white making". Well, there are many kinds of salted fish, aren't there?

When I opened the lid, a smell that I hadn't remembered in a long time arrived. Isn't this the smell of crabmeat? No, you see, they both have the same form of seafood, so it's no wonder they are similar. Try it, oh? It's definitely salty. As we ate more and more, the salted fish, which seemed mild at first, gradually became salty, and the alcohol went down. When served with rice, it has an elegant taste and is not too salty.

I transferred it to a white plate, and it's not pitch black, but I think it's a chocolate color. When I tasted it, I found that there was no raw smell, just as the claim says.

When I wrote about "salted squid in Hakodate" before, I said that the salted squid at the ryokan is good for some reason, and I've had salted squid at the ryokan several times since then, and every ryokan's salted squid is good.

I thought that the salted squid sold in jars was the real thing, but in fact, I came to the conclusion that salted squid is a dish, and the jars with a lot of salt and a long shelf life are different from the original salted squid. The truth is in the squid.
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