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Ako's specialty, Originator Shiomi Manjuu
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222 Osaki, Ako City, Hyogo, Japan

Category: fresh confectionery
Product Name: Shiomi Manjuu
Raw Materials: sugar, red beans, glutinous rice, starch syrup, salt

Shiomi Manjuu

Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture, is a town of salt. The salt made from the seawater of the Seto Inland Sea has been famous throughout Japan as "Ako's salt" since ancient times. Shiomi Manjuu, which has been in Ako for a long time, is a special product of Ako. When I see the name and the image, I might think that the white part of the outside of the bun is salt, but I don't know if it is. I'm a little excited...

Later, it was announced that the countries of origin of "Hakata salt" and "Ako salt" were not Japan but Mexico and Australia. Well, they imported the natural salt from there and processed it in Japan...

Shiomi Manjuu opened the box and took it out of the package, and before you knew it, the box, the package, and the buns were all white, white, white. Oh, I've never seen such a pure white manjuu before~. The white part on the surface is not salt, but actually it's not salt, but rakugan. And inside, there was a koshi-an, which felt as sweet as yokan.

Mmm, very sweet. I think it's in a pretty sweet category among the existing sweets. I wonder if this sweetness is due to the gap with the salt. Also, the presence of salt in the aftertaste is quite flavorful~.
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