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11-2-11 Miyanomori Ichijo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Japan
At a branch of

# Lunch menu (small)
# vegetable curry (tomato soup)
# Spicy number two.

Soup Curry

Why do we eat such a delicious ramen in a dipping saucepan? Why do you eat such a delicious curry rice as Soup Curry? I can't help it, let's go and eat Soup Curry!

Soup Curry, which originated in Sapporo, Hokkaido, is the root of curry. It's not the same as Indian or Sri Lankan curry, but it seems to be a different kind of curry.

(At that branch of the shop, which has its headquarters in Sapporo, that appeared in the neighborhood.)

The first thing we did was to select the vegetable curry from the many types of curry available. Choose a tomato from a selection of soups (tomato, coconut, or light) and specify the spiciness (number 0-30). I meekly chose the second one. And on the next page of the menu, there are a lot of toppings. It will take some time to get used to it.

And then, with my first Soup Curry in front of me, everyone is silent for a moment. How on earth do I eat it? So, I scooped up the soup normally and poured it over rice, and found out that the rice went right away. I'm going to run out. So, I take Soup Curry as if I was literally sipping soup, and sometimes I eat rice. Eat, this is just the right feeling. This is just what I thought it was.

As for the taste, you can taste the flavor of medicinal herbs as well as the minestrone soup (because of the choice of tomatoes). The curry taste is very good, but not too bad. The vegetable side is a bit hard, as if to prevent it from dissolving into the soup. No, it was just a plain delicious curry soup. Hmmm, maybe in the cold Hokkaido, you want to slurp up a hot soup.

By the way, the reason why the ingredients in this Sapporo Soup Curry are raggedy and large is that the larger individuals are usually harder to cool down.

The reason why the ingredients in this Sapporo Soup Curry are so big is because they are harder to cool than the larger ones. As you know. Also, the bigger you are, the lower the percentage of surface area, the harder it is to cool down (fatty always gets hotter), and That's a plus!
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