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Surugaya (Honneri, Yoruno-Ume, Neri) Yokan
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Co., Ltd. Surugaya
12 Suruga-machi, Wakayama City, Wakayama, Japan

Product Name: Yoruno-Ume
Category: Confectionery (Yokan)
Raw Materials: Granulated sugar, red bean paste (red beans), red beans, starch syrup, agar, wasanbon sugar, reduced starch syrup, trehalose

Product Name: Neri-Yokan
Category: Confectionery (Yokan)
Raw Materials: Granulated sugar, red bean paste, starch syrup, agar, wasanbon sugar, carminate

Surugaya Yokan

Surugaya in Wakayama, which is said to be the birthplace of Yokan, is a Japanese confectionery shop with a history dating back to the Muromachi period, and the official website says that Yokan was used as a gift for the lords at the Great Tea Party of Hideyoshi.

This shop has a yokan called "Yoruno-Ume" and they have the same kind of yokan in the famous "Toraya no yokan" in Tokyo. It seems that "Toraya" is the originator of this "Yoruno-Ume", but why does everyone give it the name "Yoruno-Ume"? Ordinary people who eat Yokan only occasionally don't understand it, but "Yoruno-Ume" has become a standard industry term in the Yokan industry.

[ Yoruno-Ume (black) ]
When I looked at it, I found a large azuki bean grain in the bean jam of yokan (sweet bean jelly), and it was in a tight shape. Perhaps this is the definition of "Yoruno-Ume". When I tried it, it was quite elegant, with a mellow finish from the kneading and a less sweet taste. When I ate the red bean grains, I could smell the aroma of red beans.

[ Neri-Yokan (red) ]
As you can see, this one is a beautiful crimson color. When you try it, it has a faint but distinctive aroma. Perhaps this is the smell of green beans. Yes, I like this one better.

Both are too classy to be classy. Therefore, even those who don't like Yokan are able to accept it. It's probably a modern twist.

In May 2014, the distressed "Surugaya" abandoned civil rehabilitation proceedings and went into business suspension and bankruptcy.
In March 2015, a new company, Sohonke Surugaya, resumed operations as the successor to Surugaya.
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