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Shonan specialty, Enoshima Tako-Senbei
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Co., Ltd. Shonan-Chigasakiya-Jyudai
17-11 Hamamidaira, Chigasaki City, Kanagawa, Japan

Category: Deep-fried sweet
Product Name: Tako-Senbei
Raw Materials: starch, squid, octopus, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, chili pepper, soy sauce, mirin, fermented seasoning, yeast extract, hydrolyzed protein, bonito extract, dextrin, reduced maltose, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), sweetener (stevia, amazon, etc.), acidity, emulsifier (including wheat)


When I think of Shonan, I think of "Enoshima, swimming and surfing," but the souvenirs What was it called? I couldn't think of anything. Then I found this "Shonan specialty Enoshima Tako-Senbei. When I looked at it, I thought it was a recent design, with a similar texture to that often seen in souvenirs (Heisei 7). (Sold since 1995/1995).

And when I go to a souvenir shop, I often see things that say "~specialties~" on everything. I feel like I've been given a famous name. It's not a problem as long as it's good and it becomes a specialty.

At first glance, it looks like a shrimp cracker, not an octopus. If you open the bag, you can see and smell it like that, too. When I tried it, it was a little bit crunchy and looked like a normal rice cracker, with a spicy flavor. The ones you can make. Hmmm, this looks like the seafood crackers that are often sold in the region! Well, you can tell from the color of the octopus that it's in there too, and once you start eating it again, you won't be able to stop. There is. I guess it's a casual snack or souvenir!

As a matter of fact, in Enoshima, there is an "Asahi-honten" that sells "whole roasted octopus crackers". I heard that it's a specialty, and there's a long line for it. In fact, he says that a long line of people are waiting in line for it. And that's two or three whole octopus "crackers" that are press-roasted and sold as a stand-up meal. They say it's gaining in popularity. Also, there are jellyfish, shrimp and wrasse.

Then I looked and found that they also do mail order and have 4 franchise stores in Kanagawa and Tokyo (2018).
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