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Category: Confectionery
Product Name: Tama-Yokan
Raw Materials: red bean paste, sugar, starch syrup, agar


I remember eating Tama-Yokan when I was a kid, a long time ago. What is it? I thought to myself, "This big ball like a grape... It looks so delicious, but how on earth do we eat it? There is no place to hold it if you do it with a needle, and it is also difficult to remove the rubber at the entrance. Ah, I want to eat it, but it's annoying. It was such a beautiful and delicate yokan.

I found this Tama-Yokan in a corner of a souvenir shop in Fukushima Prefecture, and I bought it to go back to my childhood.

When I was wondering how to eat it, I happened to see a toothpick attached to it. When I poked the barnacles with vigor, the rubber naturally popped off, and the berg came out. The shiny and shiny skewered yokan is ready. There is no instruction manual and I did it naturally, but I guess I was implicitly told to do so.

Then I got tired of looking at it and tried it, and yes, it is indeed yokan. Well, maybe the taste is secondary. But it's funny.

I found out later that Tama-Yokan is famous for "Tamajimaya", which has been chosen as the first wagashi shop of the National Wagashi Association and certified as a traditional wagashi craftsman along with "Tokyo Toraya". Hmm, it's a bit of a shame it wasn't the one I ate.

After that, I saw that they were introducing it on TV, and now they are selling heart-shaped and pink ones too. The taste is of peaches. 2014.11

- - - - -

2018.03, I saw that the owner of "Tamajimaya" was on TV. The recommendation of Tamajimaya is "Honneri Yokan". It was a kind of yokan with a hardened and saccharified surface, such as Ogi Yokan. This has been going on since the Edo period, and it's still cooked with oak wood as in the past.
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