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Hokkaido's largest red king crab port Wakkanai Port (Wakkanai City, Hokkaido)

I bought it at a store called Yamato.
Product Name: Red King Crab
Place of origin: Unidentified
One shoulder 700g, 1kg in total (boiled and frozen on board)


Speaking of crabs in Hokkaido, Tarabagani (Red King Crab). It's the crab from the recent novel "Crab Ship" by Takiji Kobayashi. Crabs have an image of winter, but Tarabagani hibernates in the deep sea in winter and the fishing season is from spring to summer. Before you know it, it's summer now. There's nothing wrong with eating crab in the summer, but it can't be helped, so let's eat it while it's still in season. But it's frozen anyway, so it's not like it was in season or anything.

In my life, I have often been deceived by Tarabagani, perhaps because of bad luck. It is nothing but that I have seen the Tarabagani with a scant inside quite often. It is generally said that the taste of Tarabagani loses due to the dripping when the freezing and thawing are repeated. It's "build your honor with crabs and lose your name with crabs.

Also, I've heard that crab miso doesn't have a very good reputation, so it's best to just buy the legs. Well, that's why I usually buy the cheapest things, but this time I bought something that was moderately priced (which is pretty good for me).

Tarabagani's thorn is hard and very painful. The hardness of the shells is extraordinary, and if you don't stand up to them with a sense of urgency, you might get hurt.

Finally, we tasted the crab meat, and it was very thick and filling. It was dismantled first, so I just ate it in a munch. It has a good salty taste and can be served as is. At this amount, a single crab leg would be enough to satisfy one person. More than that would be too salty and maybe too much. I should have thawed it out just to eat it.

Huh? Oh, my God, I've got four legs and no scissors! There was a crab claw on the picture for sale. The relationship between me and Tarabagani is incompatible to no end.

Every year, "Tarabagani", which can be caught in Nemuro and Okhotsk in the north and east of Hokkaido, is harvested off the coast as well as in the south of Erie, which surprises local fishermen. Experts attributed the effect to changes in sea temperature.2017.04
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