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Category: Tofu processed food
Raw Materials: tofu, rice malt (yellow koji, red koji), awamori, salt

Selected old sake (Koos)
Fermentation proceeds over time because of the live koji bacteria.


There are almost no people who have never eaten Tofu-Yo. Tofu-Yo is a traditional food of the Ryukyu Kingdom. It is a delicacy made by fermenting island Tofu(*1) with Awamori and koji. You can eat it as it is with sake, or use it in cooking. But when I heard that it was made from Tofu (written as "rotten beans"), I couldn't reach for it. I guess it's human nature not to have one.

So, I took the challenge (on behalf of myself). In the meantime, I found a Tofu-Yo that won the Monde Selection 2007 Gold Award. (Trust me) Feel free to challenge it.

(*1) Shima Tofu: A Tofu of Okinawa, the Tofu of the mainland is boiled and then squeezed. Boil. He says it's dense and heavy.

I opened the lid and took a sniff. Hm? It smelled lightly of alcohol. I sniffed again, and I felt choked. I thought it was better not to bite down too hard. I scraped off a little with a toothpick and tried to eat it in a scary way. It's like sake cake! The texture is a net feeling like raw chocolate. Yes, I could also smell the aroma of Awamori. But don't get carried away.

It's hard for a beginner to know which parts to enjoy. Maybe I should eat it (while listening to the explanation). Hmmm, I'm holding off.

Tofu-Yo is a combination of koji bacteria that try to ferment and alcohol that try to suppress fermentation (decay). The fight keeps the balance intact and produces a well-balanced and delicious Tofu-Yo. If the balance is lost, the result is a bad Tofu-Yo, which is shunned by people. There is. Eventually it became a legend.
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