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Torafugu Tasting Set (chrysanthemum like)
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Yamaguchi Prefectural Fisheries Cooperative Association
1 Izakicho, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi, Japan

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Sashimi,skin(It looks like a radish in the middle.) "Eat it with ponzu (ponzu) with small onions and grated momiji.

Fugu-Hire(The white ones at the bottom) "Grill the blowfish fin over a slow fire until it burns, and drink it with hot sake.

Seasons About October to March


I've never had Fugu-Sashimi before. If they were served, they would eat it, but no one would serve it to them. There are not many ordinary families who eat Fugu-Sashimi at home, so we have to go to a specialty store to eat it. But then the world changed and you can order Fugu-Sashimi on the internet.

There were a lot of expensive ones, but I found a cheap one, so I just clicked it. As you can see, it's just enough to taste it.

In fact, the amount of Fugu landed in Yamaguchi Prefecture is not that high, ranking fifth in Japan (Sea Surface Fisheries Production Statistics, 2016). But the reason why Yamaguchi's Fugu became famous is because when Hirobumi Ito was prime minister, he opened the ban on Fugu only in Yamaguchi (it wasn't until after World War II that it was opened to the whole country).

After all, the sauce attached to it has a strong pyricarra-like taste. When dipped in the thin Fugu-Sashimi, the lightness of the Fugu is the best match for the piri kara. Wow, the fish called Fugu is quite elastic. Mmmm, it's delicious. I think this sauce is good. As I kept chewing on it, the taste of the sauce started to disappear and it started to taste like sea bream. Yeah, it's still good. All that's left to do is to drink the fin wine.

The skin is crunchy and elastic, and there is a little bit of a raw smell. Hmmm, it's not so good or so good. After all, we eat them with the same sauce.

I took a sip, and yes, it had a proper savory taste. I made it at home, so I didn't know if it was good or bad. Probably the people who like it like it. Well, it's just the smell of grilled fish on the sake. There is no way to tell at the moment.

The last part was a bit toned down, but I think this is the best way to enjoy Tora Fugue. Yes, it's delicious and I recommend it.

Yamaguchi's treasure, the Tigers Fugu, is a 25km-long tiger that takes two hours to catch, and eight hours to slowly reel in the sea. As a result, only two to three fish are caught, which is a very high quality product.

In the local community, it is a custom to shabu-shabu the thickly sliced tiger fugu at a celebration. It's crunchy and delicious.
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