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"Eggs Picked In The Moon"
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Kashinoki Asahi-Seika Co., Ltd.
5275 Yanai, Oaza Yanai, Yanai City, Yamaguchi, Japan

Category: fresh confectionery
Product Name: "Eggs Picked In The Moon"
Raw Materials: Flour, Sugar, Egg, Custard cream, Dairy products, Chestnuts, Seasoning (amino acids), Polysaccharide thickener, Flavoring, Emulsifier (including lecithin and soybean-derived ingredients), Acidifier, Coloring (carotene, V.B2)

Released in 1986

"Eggs Picked In The Moon"

I was looking for a special souvenir from Yamaguchi and came across this "Eggs Picked In The Moon". What, did you just pick up the moon? Who laid an egg on the moon? No, maybe it's the moon's own egg, I thought, but I wanted to try it. (Sorry, I don't have anything to write about...)

Inside the yellow, round, spongy cake was another yellow custard cream. Surprisingly, there are chestnut pieces in some places, but they could be mistaken for chunks of cheese... The overall taste is more like a cheesecake. Well, it is similar to the "Hagi no Tsuki (Sendai)", but compared to that, it is a little more simple.

To put it bluntly, it's just plain delicious. I thought it would be interesting if the eggs I picked up in the moon were branded with a rabbit or something like that.

Years later, when I looked at Yanai City's website, it said, "For the 25th anniversary of the launch of this product in 2011, we renewed the taste and packaging with the motto 'even more delicious'. It's a shame it doesn't have the branding etc. suggested above. Of course... Maybe it's getting tasty.
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