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Kenta-mame 10 different mixes Umai-Omame (140g)
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Co., Ltd. Okuya
3074-13, Aza Nagaomote, Kitakata City, Fukushima , Japan

Category: Dried beans
Product Name: 10 different mixesUmai-Omame
Raw Materials: sugar, peanuts, black soybeans (not genetically modified), green soybeans (not genetically modified), peas, broad beans, pumpkin seeds, wheat flour, miso, salt, vegetable oil and fat, starch, reduced starch syrup, soy sauce, glutinous rice flour, coffee powder, kombu extract, matcha powder, starch syrup, ...

Best-Before Date: About 4 1/2 months when it arrived.

How to Store: Keep out of direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.


The shop "Okuya Peanut Factory" in Kitakata City, Fukushima is said to make delicious peanut soft serve ice cream. It's only been in business for five years, and it's a new shop, but it's quickly becoming very popular. In addition to the soft-serve ice cream, there were many other beans on sale, and one of the beans caught my eye and I couldn't help but buy it.

So, I looked it up and found that it was introduced in a TV program "Gaia's Dawn" the other day, and in a corner about obscure but good quality local sweets, this "Okuya no mamegashi" was introduced. In the program, the president of the company shed tears when he saw the company's products being sold one after another and said, "I'm glad we're taking this seriously.

When I unwrapped the package, I was met with a bright bean that was not what I had expected (as per the image), just as I had imagined. Well done, well done~. Then I ate them from one end to the other, and, well, this is delicious. It is slightly sweet and has a savory aroma. The ingredients used to make the curd are different, such as peanuts, soybeans, matcha tea and coffee, creating a delicate and elegant taste. Hmm, that's good~.

When do we eat? It's a snack. No, a beer would be nice too. The beans, which must have been made with great care, are colorful, full of charm, and artistic. When I started eating it, I heard the phrase "I can't stop, I can't stop"~.

No, it's probably going to be a high-class product, and soon it won't be able to be bought by mail order.
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