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Ponzu Soy Sauce, Yuzuno-mura Umajimura
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Umajimura agricultural cooperative U
3888-4, Umajimura, Aki-gun, Kochi, Japan

Product Name: Ponzu Soy Sauce
Raw Materials: soy sauce (honjozo), brewed vinegar, yuzu fruit juice, high fructose corn syrup, flavor ingredients (bonito extract, kelp extract), hon mirin, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), saké spirit, sweetener (licorice) (includes soybeans and wheat in some ingredients)

Best-Before Date: It was about six months old when it arrived.

How to Store: Store away from high temperatures and direct sunlight.

Instructions: It can be used as a Japanese-style dressing for raw vegetables, as a sauce for fish dishes, grilled meat and gyoza, cold tofu and pickles, hot tofu, mizutaki, and other nabe dishes.

Umajimura Ponzu Soy Sauce

Umajimura, a village of yuzu. I've heard of "Yuzu Village" a lot lately, so I'm comfortable with the name Umajimura. I'm somewhat curious (I don't have a good reference anywhere). Well, that's okay, but I was initially known for my juice "Gokkun Umajimura". Umajimura's yuzu (citruses) are now a part of the yuzu ponzu (yuzu citrus fruit vinegar) family of products, such as "Ponzu Shoyu Yuzu" and "Yuzu no Mura". I've been enjoying the latest news about a new product that has been making the rounds of the world.

The other day I was so impressed with Asahi Ponzu, that I decided to try this yuzu ponzu (Japanese citron ponzu) to get back into the world of ponzu products.

Well, there's a clump of yuzu in the mouth of the bottle. I opened the cap quietly and took a whiff of the smell, and the unintentional "Oh!" that came out of my mouth. The exclamation of admiration. After all, the smell of yuzu is very good.

I used "Umaji-style Japanese dressing (mixed with salad oil)" as the description said. Try it over a salad and you'll see what I mean. It's not bad, but it's still superior to general salad dressings (lots of good products these days) I thought it was a tie, but it wasn't. But it smells like yuzu, and it's really good. Well, since they started to use it after Asahi Ponzu, they were a little less impressed. Very good~!

Well, in any case, it's a gem that I want to have a bottle of at least one at home. When we went to the supermarket, some ponzu products were cheap and some were expensive (poor), and our family always bought I used to buy a cheap one, but once I used this expensive ponzu, I couldn't stop using it. Just by adding a little bit of it, it makes the dish rich and deep, and it changes into something special! You should try it!
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