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Nanko-Ume, Kishu Ume
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Category: seasoned and dried Ume
Raw Materials: Ume, Pickling Ingredients (Salt, Reduction Water Candy, Protein Hydrolysate), Seasoning (Amino Acids, etc.), Acidifier, Sweetener (Stevia), Vitamin B1

Kishu Ume

Ume-Boshi(Dried and pickled Ume) is a familiar, but surprisingly deep and broad. First of all, when you go to the supermarket, they sell Ume-Boshi at various prices, and the ones that you think look good are too expensive for you to get. I tend to buy something that suits me (my budget), thinking that it's about this kind of thing.

I recently ate my country Ume-Boshi (all homemade) for the first time in a long time, and was surprised to find that it was large, fleshy, and thick-skinned, with almost only the surface skin. It made me realize that the products sold in supermarkets are not the same.

The Ume-Boshi, which I bought at a product exhibition in Kishu, is fleshy and has a thin skin and small seeds. I had bought some seasoned Ume-Boshi (I found out later), so I don't know what the original Ume-Boshi tasted like, but this Ume-Boshi has a fruity taste. You can have a couple of cups of tea as a snack, right?

Well, after all, Japanese agricultural products are all top-notch products that require a lot of time and effort. Among them, Kishu Ume and Nanko Ume are very good.

It is said that baked Ume-Boshi increases the amount of vanillin (which is good for burning fat) by 20%, and also creates mumefural, which is good for boosting blood flow and metabolism.
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