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Main area: Maebashi City, Isesaki City, Tatebayashi City, and 80 stores in the prefecture.

Raw Materials: Flour, glutinous rice

Locals sell them on skewers, dipped in sweet miso sauce, and grilled.


Joushu's specialty, Female ascendancy and the sky breeze. One more thing in addition, Mt. Akagi. Also, there is a high percentage of car ownership, which is why many people are fussy about their cars. And when you think of Gunma's specialties, it's hard to find food, isn't it? I used to live there for a bit. Still, I've learned a lot since then, and I'm getting more and more reports of my specialties.

As a result of my search, I found this Yaki-Manjuu, which is the home of Isesaki, and they even have a Yaki-Manjuu festival.

What the hell is this bun... If you look at it, it looks like funeral buns without anko (sorry for the poor metaphor) baked and dipped in sweet miso sauce. And when I tried it, it was fluffy and fragrant. It's a bit of a surprise, isn't it, this manjuu. How dare you come up with something like this. Why did you come here instead of the red bean paste?

But when they're baked and sold at a food stall at a festival, the smell of the manju is so fragrant that you're tempted to try it. But the name "Manju" doesn't quite fit. If you stare at it, it looks like a rice cake... No, I think he really wanted to become a rice cake...

Well, it may be good, it may not be so good, but I can't help but eat it. It's probably the soul food category.
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