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JA Kochi
2-27 Kitagoza, Kochi City, Kochi, Japan

Kind: Blended from Zuikou, Moriguchi and Nishimura
300g, 2 days shelf life, freeze to last longer.

Harvest Season: The rainy season of June.


Yamamomo, a Kochi specialty, is designated as the "prefecture flower" of Kochi Prefecture and the "prefecture tree" of Tokushima Prefecture, and grows naturally south of the Kanto region. This means that people in Tohoku and Hokkaido have never seen this fruit, but people south of Kanto are familiar with it. However, due to the painful nature of this fruit, it is not often found in stores. I see, so you've never seen it before~. No, but I've heard that they are often used as street trees~.

By the way, the name of this plant is Yamamomo, but it is completely different from the ordinary peach. It's an evergreen tree of the Yamamomo genus of the Yamamomo family. So, it's nice to see that it bears fruit during the rainy season when people are sick of it and entertains us (and the birds and animals).

The Yamamomo in the pack is very beautiful to look at. When you smell it, it has a refreshing scent. What's that smell, it's huge somewhere... If you look closely, it looks like it's covered with reddish-black popsicles~. The size of one is about 2 to 3 cm. When I threw one into my mouth, it was so sour that I closed my eyes without thinking~.

However, when the second one is thrown in, he eats it with a face like nothing happened. Humans are such hardy animals. Then I settled in and ate it, and it was sour and sweet and grape like and gummy like. I feel like there is also a faint shibumi~. Yeah, that's okay.

In more detail, there is a seed about the size of a soybean in the center, from which a long, elongated tuft of berries grow radially, and the surface of the seed has a petite face. Also, you can feel the popping on the outside, but it's soft on the inside.

On the second day, I was eating it and it just hit me. A similar flavor is sour strawberries~.
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