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Co., Ltd. Mitsuboshi
141 Itoi, Tomakomai City, Hokkaido, Japan

Category: Confectionery
Product Name: Yoitomake
Raw Materials: Sugar, chicken eggs, flour, haskap, apricot jam, obalato, powdered sugar, expander, gelling agent (pectin, xanthan) acidity, (some ingredients include apples)

Best-Before Date: It was about three weeks later


One of the sweets loved by Tomakomai residents is rumored to be "the hardest to eat in Japan. Its name is also a nondescript "Yoitomake". It was rumored to be the "hardest to eat in Japan" because it was a gooey substitute for rolled castella with a lot of haskap jam on it. What the hell, they gave me something to eat. Now it's cut up, so it's not so hard to eat.

The name "Yoitomake" comes from a group of uncles who called out "Yoitomake" when they were transporting logs to a local paper mill. Of course, I made the rolls to look like logs too.

2015.12.31 Miwa Akihiro sang the song "Yoitomake no Uta" on NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen, and the buzz was great. The song was apparently written by Miwa Akihiro, and it depicts the scenery of Hokkaido as described above.

At first, I thought the outside of the red roll was hard, but it was soft. It's wrapped in a piece of obblat, but it's still a bit sticky. When I sniffed it, it smelled like a strange jam. Hmmm-hmm, it smells like a haskap. If there's no label, the precious haskap jam will stick around and come off, won't it?

When I broke the cake with a small fork and took a piece of the cake into my mouth, I found that it was definitely flavored with Haskap. The crunchy texture is sometimes crunchy, but I wonder if it's sugar. It's similar to a rich, moist brandy cake without alcohol, with the characteristic sourness of Haskap jam. The name of the restaurant is Japanese style, and the innocent appearance is Showa style, but the taste is Western style. Well, the sweet and sour taste of the haskap is like no other.

Apparently, this candy shop was started by the uncle and the eldest son of Takiji Kobayashi, the author of the novel "Crab Ships," which has recently become a hot topic of conversation, in the 31st year of Meiji.
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