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Co., Ltd. Yokumoku
5-3-3, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Category: Cookie
Product Name: Cigare
Raw Materials: butter, sugar, eggs, flour, almonds, flavoring

Best-Before Date: About 3 months when it arrived.

How to Store: Store in a cool place, avoiding high temperatures and humidity


It is "Yokumoku's Cigare", a standard item in the Showa era. I used to see it in those days, but I don't think I've seen it anymore. These days there are so many different kinds of gifts in the basement that this gem has become less and less common. ka. Also, the name "Cigare" is, as you might imagine, an elongated tobacco (cigar) cigar and I wonder if they merged their curly, curly outfits to make Cigare - well, who knows? ~Cigare is one of the most popular places for foreigners to travel to Japan these days.

And this Cigare, which I had almost forgotten about, is one of the most popular places for foreigners to travel to Japan these days. Among them, it's becoming popular as a return souvenir. But I think it's probably just a story among the wealthy. There are many cheap and delicious sweets in Japan, you know.

By the way, Yokumoku (which also makes other products besides Cigare) has its head office in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, and has more than 180 stores in Japan, mainly in department stores (as of 2014).

The cookies are about 10 cm long and round, and when you smell them, they look like butter cookies. I could smell the scent of the "Mere Old Man". When I tried to bite into it, it was surprisingly soft and melted in my mouth as if it was crispy and crumbling. Mmm, it is delicious. It is strange that I want to have tea. Is this a conditioned reflex that I learned in the past? Huh? Taste? I think it tastes like a butter cookie, just like the smell. There are many flavors of cookies these days, such as chocolate, but this normal Cigare is delicious enough. (That is, until I ate them). It's a stable, reliable taste! And the texture was a little crispy, too.

My wife, who always says "it's good, it's good" when she eats sweets, said "I like it because it's just the right amount of sweetness".

The product is in a tin can, and the pastry is wrapped in a cushioning material, and then it's placed in a box with the first row and the second row on top. The lower section is separated by a popping cushion to give it as little shock as possible. There it is. I bought it by mail order, and to my surprise, the tin can itself was wrapped in an airtight cushion!

Oh, there are various sweets similar to this one. Like the Bourbon Louvera....
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