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Yoshino-Honkuzu Tengyokudo
Kuzu Mochi handmade set
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Category: Kuzu Mochi handmade set
Raw Materials:
[Kuzu Mochi Mix Powder] Kuzu starch, sugar
[Kinako] Soybeans, sugar, salt
[Kuromitsu] Brown sugar (from Okinawa), upper white sugar, honey, starch syrup

Best-Before Date: About four and a half months when it arrived

How to Store: Store in a cool, dark place (25°C or less)


Kuzu reminds me of kuzu-hot-water, and I remember eating it when I had a cold as a child. It was slippery and warm, tasting sweet when scooped up with a spoon, and had a faintly distinctive flavor. Well, I haven't had the opportunity to eat it since I became an adult, and I only eat it in Chinese cuisine, "ankake" in ramen, and other things that are used in cooking without realizing it and eaten without realizing it.

Incidentally, Kuzu is a vine plant, and Kuzu powder is made from the starchy substance of the root. Yoshino Kuzu is a high quality product of Kuzu, which is defined as Kuzu flour from the Yoshino region of Nara Prefecture. Apparently, it was also registered as a regional trademark in 2007 (No. 5063961).

Well, Kuzu flour and potato starch are made from that starch, and potato starch is made from potato starch. So, I guess they are all similar.

This time I bought the Kuzu-Mochi set, which you can make and eat by yourself. However, this was an unexpectedly complicated task (details are omitted).

The finished Kuzu-Mochi is semi-transparent, slightly colored, and covered with yellow powder and poured with black molasses. Then, Kuzu had almost no smell, and the finished Kuzu-Mochi had the smell of yellow powder in the air. And once you try it, it's plump and crunchy, with the crunch of yellow powder sugar in places and the high-powered black molasses flavor enveloping the whole thing.

In fact, it was the first time I had Kuzu-Mochi, and I can say that this is a rice cake. Then, when I stuck my tongue into the pung-pung, I could taste the taste of Kuzu-yu...

Kuzu-Mochi and bracken mochi are both made from starch, so the amount of moisture and the consistency of the ingredients can change the elasticity of the mochi.
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