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Category: fish paste products
Raw Materials: fish meat (flying fish, cod, horse mackerel), starch (wheat), egg white, salt, fermentation seasoning, shochu, sake, sugar, plant fiber, seafood extract, protein hydrolysate, trehalose, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), preservative (sorbic acid)


[ It's so good that my "jaw" drops ]
In the San-in region, the flying fish is called "jaw". The freshly minced and grilled Ago-Noyaki is said to be one of the highest quality products, and the fragrant Ago-Noyaki is truly delicious. Our special "Ago-Noyaki" is a perfect souvenir.
..It was written on the back of the bag.

Incidentally, the flying fish is a fish from Shimane Prefecture. In Tottori and Hyogo Prefectures, both of which are close to the Sea of Japan, the bamboo ring of the flying fish is called "Agouchikuwa" and is a specialty of their own. Ago-Noyaki and Ago-Chikuwa are similar, but first of all, they look different in size (Ago-Noyaki is bigger) and the manufacturing process is different and they are not the same.

Speaking of which, in recent years we have often seen "agou-dashi" used in ramen. It is said that "agou-dashi" is the kind of dashi that creates an elegant and refreshing taste and aroma.

The "Ago-Noyaki" was taken out of the rough bag. It's somewhat annoying because no matter how you look at it, it only looks like a big bamboo ring. No, it doesn't bother me, but it's too much bamboo After eating it, I realized that it is a bamboo ring. What else could it be? Hmmm, if I had to say the difference between strong and hard, it would be a big, hard bamboo wheel. When I tried it, it tasted like a baked kamaboko, and in that situation, it was similar to a sasa-kamaboko (a fish cake) in Miyagi. When you douse it in wasabi soy sauce, it transforms it! It's perfect for the sake Sakana, it's great~.

But I don't know what's a flying fish, though~.
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