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Kaga-Hyakuman-Goku Ankoro
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Minoya-Seika Co., Ltd.
1-66-1, Nishi-Kanazawa, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa, Japan

Category: Japanese fresh confectionery
Product Name: Kaga-Hyakuman-Goku Ankoro
Raw Materials: Red beans, starch syrup, sugar, glutinous rice flour

Best-Before Date: 14 Days

Kaga-Hyakuman-Goku Ankoro

For some reason, Kanazawa's specialty is "Ankoro". Around Kanazawa, there are many shops that manufacture and sell rice cakes called "Ankoro", and various kinds of "Ankoro" are sold. However, it seems that the local market for "Ankoro" is "Ankoro" at Enpachi's in Matto City (also in Kanazawa City).

However, I had no way of knowing such a thing, so I bought "Ankoro", a Kanazawa specialty, at a certain product exhibition. It was a product called Kaga-Hyakuman-Goku Ankoro.

At first glance, "Ankoro," which looks like a dried plum, has a red bean paste on the outside and a translucent gyuhi-type mochi inside. Well, with so many red bean paste and the atmosphere, there is a sense of a reversal of subjectivity, as if there are rice cakes in the side dish of the red bean paste. It's usually good, and there's nothing unusual about it. Simply put, it's a Japanese confectionery made from Habutae mochi, a type of rice cake commonly found in this region, and wrapped in anko (red bean paste).

Hmmm... I'll have to try Enpachi's "Ankoro" to know if I've eaten "Ankoro". Enpachi's is hard to come by because the expiration date is the same day. They probably use real rice cakes (without additives) or something like that.
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