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Category: fresh confectionery
Product Name: Anmaki, Tsubuan
Raw Materials: sugar, eggs, adzuki beans, wheat flour, reduced syrup, honey, peaches, rice cake powder, salt, agar, thickener (processed starch), trehalose, gelling agent (polysaccharide thickener), baking soda, glycine

Expiration Date: 5 Days

How to Store: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.

National Confectionery Exposition Gold Prize
Aichi Sweets General Election, 1st place in the category, Chancellor's Award


Anmaki is a product found in Aichi Prefecture, and is loved by the locals. There are a lot of them. Among them, "Big Anmaki" of Chiryu City, Aichi Prefecture is famous as a specialty. The best-before date is only the next day, so we couldn't reach a distant sweet tooth. And then, I found "Anmaki" by "Okameido", which can be eaten by mail order. Huh... Oh, is this "Anmaki" good enough for you? While having a question, we went to the actual food.

By the way, the original owner of "Dai Anmaki" in Chiryu City is called Komatsuya. But nowadays, I heard that Fujita is more prosperous. Well, this is the soul food of Mikawa people, often introduced on the local TV, everyone knows It's fast food~. Hmmm, looks like a modified version of a dorayaki... but is it? Actually...

The tortoise branding was stamped on the Anmaki of the golden brown color, when you bring your nose close to it, the baking soda type aroma is unexpectedly strong. . When I tried the dorayaki, it was unexpectedly chewy and I thought it was a dorayaki, but it was not. I don't have any. Well, it's like a waffle-like texture with azuki bean paste wrapped in chewy and crunchy batter. Hmmm, I think it's just a normal, delicious feeling.

It has a longer shelf life than the other "Anmaki", so I wondered if the sweetness was due to the oxygen absorber that comes with it, but it wasn't.

This is not sold as a bagged boxed snack, but as fast food, on the spot, on the day Maybe it's something that should be eaten. Taiyaki and Oobayaki are both better when eaten that day!

Recently, I felt I had eaten something similar in flavor to this, my brain was screaming out, so I searched for it. I found out that it's a Hiroshima Kiribanka. I'm sorry, it's not very major.
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