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2 Neishi-cho, Okazaki City, Aichi, Japan

Category: Japanese fresh confectionery
Product Name: Awayuki
Raw Materials: white twin sugar, trehalose, syrup, egg white, agar, polysaccharide thickener, glycine, PH adjustment agent


I don't know if I've heard of "Awayuki" before or not. It's a strange name that conjures up an image of something like this. Awayuki" has its origins in the "Awayuki Tofu" that was made famous on the Tokaido Highway in Okazaki in the olden days. I heard that they are the sweets that originate from the Mikawa region. No, I don't know what it is, but they say it's an excellent confectionery representing the Mikawa region, so I thought I'd try one!

When I opened the box, I was greeted with a bright white item that looked like a small piece of tofu. When I got the urge to poke at it, it fought back with the elasticity of a marshmallow. So I stopped playing with it, scooped it up with a spoon and took a bite, and, oh, like agar, a marshmallow. Such a texture. Well, it tastes like both agar and marshmallow~. Frankly speaking, it's not something you'd immediately think of as tasty~.

It looks impressive, so it would be good to serve it with something else. I don't think I'll be able to eat just this one. Yes, you could put coffee syrup on it or serve it with fruit, it would be better and more delicious. I think so. Yes, yes, let's do that. I don't have any of that stuff here today! Too bad.
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