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Ushiru-Boshi Yellowtail
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Category: processed fish and shellfish products
Product Name: Handmade Ushiru-Boshi pickled yellowtail in soy sauce
Raw Materials: Yellowtail (Ishikawa), soy sauce, fish sauce, sugar, mirin, sake, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), souring agent, caramel color, sweetener (licorice, stevia), some of the ingredients contain soybean, wheat, milk, mackerel.


Noto's Ushiru/Yoshiru is one of Japan's three major fish sauces, like Akita's Shotsuru and Shikoku's Squid Eel. Also, Vietnamese nyokumam and Thai nam pla are said to be the same kind of fish sauce. It is said to be made from squid and sardines.

At first glance, it looks like a type of soy sauce, just like the word "fish sauce" implies, but the way it's used is more like a soup stock or a seasoning to add to dishes.

[ This time, we got dried yellowtail pickled in cattle, grilled and ate it at a trade show. ]

So, when I took it out of the vacuum pack, it was not dried fish, but raw dried fish. When I tried a grilled fillet of "Ushiru-Boshi" yellowtail, it was different from the salt-grilled version, and I could feel the umami of the ingredients intact. And even though it was yellowtail, it tasted like bonito, like tuna. I didn't put anything on it, so it's a bit thin, but it's good as a side dish with rice and a good snack for sake. This is delicious, and the blood is also fine.

Well, since grilled yellowtail is rarely eaten at home, this might be a product that brings yellowtail closer to you than you think. Well, it's a report that's a little too far away from the main topic of "cattle".
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