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Category: Food boiled in soy sauce
Product Name: Chirimen-Sansho
Raw Materials: Chirimen, Japanese peppercorns, soy sauce, dried bonito soup, sake, mirin (sweet sake), reduced water syrup, seasonings (such as amino acids), soybeans and wheat included in some of the ingredients

#) Ikanagono-Kugini and not too dissimilar. If I say that, I'm probably going to get angry.


When I went to an exhibition of Kyoto's products, I always found Chirimen-Sansho because it's not bulky and can be kept for a long time. But while I was thinking about it, I forgot about its existence. When I happened to try a bento boxed lunch that included "jako seaweed" from the "other bento", it was so delicious that I instantly became a fan of "chirimen jako (*1)".

That's why I went to Kyoto's speciality "Obanzai", Chirimen-Sansho for a real meal. By the way, I decided to use the product that won the Monde Selection 2007 Gold Medal.

*1: "Chirimen jako" is made by boiling young sardines in salt water and then drying them in the sun.

I took one bite (with my thumb and forefinger) and ate it as a snack for my drink. It's soft, isn't it? I didn't get the sansho, but you can smell the sansho as well. Contrary to its appearance, it is unexpectedly soft, sweet and spicy crape jako. The second time I ate it, I had grabbed the sansho (Japanese pepper) and it was very strong. Whoa, Munch's screaming. If you use this as a pinch of sake, you'll drink more and more!

But when I look at it calmly, I realize that, except for the sansho (Japanese pepper), the overall taste is soft and elegant, reminiscent of the atmosphere of Kyoto. When you pour this over rice, it's delicious again.
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