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Ikkyu Tsuda Yoshiaki
20 Shimo Monzen-cho, Murasakino, Kita-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto, Japan

Category: Daitokuji-Natto
Raw Materials: domestic soybeans, barley, salt


What is Daitokuji-Natto all about? I don't know. But the name "Daitokuji-Natto" makes you want to eat it (casually). So, I decided to take on the challenge with a lot of curiosity (...exaggeration). I thought it was a kind of natto, but I ate it casually.

By the way, Daitokuji Temple is a famous Zen temple in Kyoto, which appears in Ryotaro Shiba's "Daitokuji Stroll". It is said that the famous Zen priest Isshu was also the abbot of the temple.

When I opened the bag, it smelled like coffee. Huh? When I sniffed the smell, I couldn't quite understand it. They look like coffee beans, too... I threw it into my mouth without any hesitation... Ugh! (I'm not used to it.) This is no good. It feels like I've eaten something I shouldn't have~. I wonder if foreigners feel this way when they eat natto. For the first time in a long time, I've come across a powerful food product, a former center of Japan.

I think he probably ate one of the strongest Daitokuji-Natto's... I wonder if there is a better way to eat it. Or is there another way to eat it?

[ How to eat ]
It is said to be eaten "as a tea cake, a snack for sake, ochazuke, or on rice porridge".

I found out later that in Kyoto, this kind of stringless natto (Shiokara Natto or Tera Natto) is loved and eaten continuously, and there are several other kinds of natto besides this Daitokuji-Natto. They also have Kyoto sweets made with Daitokuji-Natto, which creates a unique flavor in the sweet sweets and attracts people.

Later, Daitokuji said, "This natto is similar to miso or soy sauce, and is a brewed product," and its original name was "Kara Natto" or "Temple Natto," which was called "Daitokuji-Natto" by the general public.

When I was watching the movie "Mimi Shinbo", I was surprised to see this "Daitokuji-Natto" in the movie. It's a dish called "Daitokuji-Natto smashed sea bream". No, wait, maybe the fact that Daitokuji-Natto appeared in this manga is the reason why I'm writing about Daitokuji-Natto now~.
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