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Chishino's Dorayaki
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Maker: Co., Ltd. Chishino
60-3, Teno-machi, Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki, Japan

(Ume-Dorayaki, Custard Cream Dorayaki, Kuri-Dorayaki)

Product Name: Ume-Dorayaki
Raw Materials: Flour, sugar, egg, white bean jam, ume, trehalose, syrup, liqueur, mirin, salt, baking soda, coloring (cochineal, corn), pH adjuster, antioxidant (VC)

Expiration Date: 2 to 4 days, depending on the product and season.

Chishino's Dorayaki

Dorayaki is so good that there is a saying, "There is nothing bad in Dorayaki". This is one of the best Japanese sweets in the world, and I'd especially recommend it.

So, I got into the mood and tried various "Dorayaki", each of which has its own differences (including price), some of which are delicious and some of which don't matter. Then, when I got to the point of being a "Dorayaki" fan, I started to want to eat the best Dorayaki.

I heard that there is a good Dorayaki in Tsuchiura, so I ordered it.

It came in a white paper box with the word "heart" (I think) written on it very simply. When I opened it, I could see the form of the "Dorayaki" which was piled up, and it was wonderful. And the size is about the size of a baseball (diameter).

Then I put my nose close to it, and the smell was definitely castella. The first one I tried was the rare Ume-Dorayaki, which had a white bean-jam covered with seeds, and it was very refreshing and tasty. It was a little more like the plums in the plum wine turned into a refreshing jam, or a little too much like a melon.

Next, Custard Cream Dorayaki: This is difficult to express, but it's delicious. Next, Kuri-Dorayaki: The big and moist sweet chestnuts wrapped in the strainer are absolutely delicious.

Hmmm, "Dorayaki" surpasses Dorayaki, this is "Dorayaki". You can't go wrong, Basin!
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