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Category: fresh confectionery
Product Name: New Gion-Daiko koshi-an/tsubu-an
Raw Materials: sugar, red red beans, flour, butter, dainagon, eggs, starch syrup, vegetable fats (derived from soybeans), salt

Best-Before Date: It was about three weeks later.


Gion-Daiko is a famous confectionery in Kitakyushu, named after the Kokura Gion Taiko, which is a double-sided hit of the Kokura Gion Festival in Kitakyushu. It's been chosen as a certified brand by Kitakyushu City (Commerce and Industry Association), so I thought I'd try it for a while.

Incidentally, although Gion is famous as a place name in Kyoto, the name actually appears in many areas from the Kansai region to Kyushu. There are many shrines and temples related to the Gion faith, and I imagine that the name Gion came from this influence.

When I opened the bag labeled Gion-Daiko, what came out was a flattened pie, slightly smaller than a tennis ball, with a round, dotted hole in the surface. And, as you may have guessed, the hole was modeled after a drum. When you open your mouth, you can see that it is similar to Ekisonpai (Fukushima).

Yes, just as I expected from the look of it, it's delicious. When I tried another one, this one was a dark brown pie with an improved consistency, and the inside was a light-colored sweet red bean paste. In short, there were two kinds of things in it. Koshi-an" and "Azuki-an".

This slightly greasy pie and azuki bean paste create an exquisite texture that brings warmth and joy to people. If anything, koshi-an seems to be popular in our house. Well, I guess it would be better to call it "XX-Pie" instead of "Gion-Daiko", but I don't know if that would sell well.
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