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Category: Confectionery Gokabo
Product Name: Gokabo
Raw Materials: Soybeans, glutinous rice, sugar, starch syrup


When I was looking for Saitama's specialties, I found a gem called "Gokabo", a specialty of Kumagaya. It is said to have been made since the Edo period, and its survival was in danger after a period of decline, but it has recently been revived after a review.

It is said that Gokabo was named after the five grains used in its ingredients, but the current Gokabo does not contain any of these. Perhaps the five grains that are now being cultivated have become difficult to obtain and have disappeared from the raw materials of Gokabo.

Gokabo is a specialty of Kazo City as well as Kumagaya City, and Yoshiwara Tenchu in Mito is also similar to Gokabo. Therefore, there are many different origins, and which one is which... Even so, there are still about 10 confectionary shops in Kumagaya making Gokabo, so there is no doubt that Kumagaya is the place of origin of Gokabo.

The Japanese sweets wrapped in soybean flour create a strange atmosphere when seen. When we tried it, we found out that we had eaten this before. Yes, you can find them in dagashi (Japanese sweets), and they're similar to the green twisted sweets in bags at supermarkets (I guess they were imitated). I hope you understand, that. When you eat it, the yellow flour transforms into a unique flavor and the texture becomes sticky, like caramel. Ah, I miss this taste. I used to eat a lot of bagged sweets in the past.

Later, I found "Gokabo" among the tea sweets sold in a bag at a supermarket. No, it was a little bit of a small dagashi-like sweets, but it did have "Gokabo" written on it. Hmmm, it's still being sold, isn't it. Come to think of it, what about the trademark!
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