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Category: Western confectionery
Product Name: Hakatano-Hito
Raw Materials: sweeteners (sugar, maltose), liquid chicken egg, wheat flour, margarine, raw red bean paste, starch, sweetened milk powder, emulsified vegetable oil and fat, skimmed milk powder, honey, agar powder, sweetener (sorbitol), emulsifier, flavoring, inflating agent, colorant (carotene), (contains soybean in some ingredients).

Best-Before Date: A little over 3 weeks when you buy it and within 3 days of opening it.

How to Store: Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight, high temperatures and high humidity.


...The title of the book is "Eating Hakatano-Hito", which makes me feel like I'm in trouble.

The wrapping paper "Hakatano-Hito" was so beautiful, it was like a Hakata doll! I was completely captivated by it. I didn't think there was an explanation, but on the official site, there was also a Hakata doll on the cover! There is an explanation that he made the same thing.

By the way, there were (I think) Hakata dolls in my parents' house. It was a plump Hakata doll among the various Hakata dolls, and my grandmother, who received it, was plump. Now I wonder if that was the one that came to my house instead of a beauty doll. I wonder what my grandmother would have thought if it had been a skinny, beautiful doll. While I'm thinking about this, I wonder what the women who received these sweets would have thought or something like that...

Well, when I first saw these sweets, they were called "Date Scrolls" (from Wikipedia) It reminds me of the first time I saw a Hakatano-Hito. So, when did this Hakatano-Hito thing start? I found out that it was from 1972 (from the official website).

When I opened that beautiful package, it was like baumkuchen from inside, with anko in the center. A small piece of candy came out. Then I sniffed it out as usual, and it smelled sweet and delicious~. So I took a bite, and I realized it was indeed Baumkuchen. The sweet bean paste in the center of the cake added color to the flavor in a mild and limpid way. Yes, it was good. There's no way it can't be good. What can I call it, rich and delicious~.

It's a bit smaller than a ping-pong ball, bite-sized. Yes, 3 pieces per person is a little unsatisfactory. I'd like to eat some more~. If you buy it (or get it), you can keep it in the fridge. Hmmm, the short shelf life is a sign of good taste~.
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