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Hamaguri-Don (Sobu-Honsen Chiba-Station)
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Co., Ltd. Manyo-Ken
2-41 Hamada, Mihama-ku, Chiba City, Chiba, Japan

Product Name: Hamaguri-Don
Raw Materials: Rice (clam, soy sauce, sake), clam (soy sauce, sugar), canola with red pepper, pickled ginger, red ginger, turban shell, laver, (contains other raw materials derived from wheat and soybeans), seasoning (amino acids, etc.), acidity, PH adjuster, vegetable color, antioxidant (V.C), sweetener (licorice), preservative (polylysine)

Clams are in season from December to March.


Clams seem familiar but not familiar. If you're not familiar with it, you'll say, "Clams? They look so similar to each other that one might think, "Oh, my God! But actually, the size is quite different. Come to think of it, if you make it smaller, it looks like a shijimi, too.

Speaking of clams, they are a specialty of Kuwana City in Mie Prefecture, which was a post town on the Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido, and is also known for its famous saying, "That hand is a grilled clam in Kuwana. However, the Kashima Sea in Ibaraki Prefecture has the largest catch of clams in Japan, and the second largest catch is in neighboring Chiba. Amidst such a variety of regions, this time we decided to tackle "Hamaguri-Don", an ekiben that uses clams, a specialty of Chiba. By the way, the catch of fish is 1. Ibaraki, 2nd place. Chiba, and 3rd place, Kumamoto (2005). It's Kumamoto (2005).

The "Hamaguri-Don", which comes in a large ceramic vessel in the shape of a clam, is heavy in the hand. The lid of the clam bivalve clam is also well placed, and it says "Hamaguri-Don, a specialty of Chiba" on it. If I hadn't written anything on it, I could have put it on display...

When I opened the lid, there were a lot of clams in soy sauce on top of the rice, with a little bit of turban shell in it. I tried one of those clams, and hmmm? This is good. It's a nice sweet soy sauce dish. Well, the coldness of rice cooked with clams is a little disappointing, but the rice must be tasty when it is heated up. Hmm, I feel like I haven't had clams in a long time. That's pretty good.
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