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Category: Fresh confectionery
Product Name: Hippari-Mochi
Raw Materials:
[White rice cake] Starch syrup, Sugar, Glutinous rice flour (made in Japan), Natto (sweetened natto (red beans, sugar, reduced water syrup), Uruchi rice flour (made in Japan), Trehalose, Emulsifier, Sorbit, (Some of the ingredients contain milk)

[Kinako Mochi] Starch syrup, Sugar, Mochi rice flour (made in Japan), sweetened natto (red beans, sugar, reduced starch syrup), soybean flour (soybean: genetically modified in Japan), Uruchi rice flour (made in Japan), trehalose, emulsifier, sorbit, (some of the ingredients contain milk)

Best-Before Date: It was about a month and a half when it arrived.


Hippari-Mochi is a Noto specialty. The name Hippari-Mochi came from the fact that I pulled it up and stretched it. I wondered why they stretched it out, but all I could think of was the normal process of making rice cakes, making cut and frozen mochi. I guess that's why the name Hippari-Mochi was given to it.

This Hippari-Mochi is made and sold in several shops in Noto, and a radio commercial of "Noto specialty Hippari-Mochi" has been aired, and it is a popular souvenir in Noto. I don't know what it's going to be like.

Hippari-Mochi is similar to Habutae-Mochi which I ate in Fukui, so to speak. When I tried the fluffy and fluffy white rice cake, it was soft, but it had a firm texture, which was more of a kokkikoiko than a chewy texture. I see, this is the feeling of Hippari-Mochi. Also, the sweetness is felt in the powder that is sprinkled on the outside, and the red beans (sweetened natto) in some places in the inside create the flavor further. No, somehow, it doesn't feel like a sweetness that's bad for you, it feels like a sweetness that's good for you...

Next, the yellow flour rice cake, hmm? It tastes similar to Shingen-Mochi as it looks.

No, I mean, it's tastier than I expected and I feel satisfied. I feel that it is not enough if it is one person each (two in total), but it is a place of good taste. Please take it as a souvenir...
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