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Green Tea Hitsumabushi
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Product Name: Japan's best bento (box lunch)
Raw Materials: seasoning (rice, glutinous rice, sauce), chopped eel (from Mikawa, Aichi Prefecture), Kimoyaki, Pickled Moriguchi, Kabayaki sauce, Wasabi, Matcha green tea, chopped laver, Seasoning (amino acids, etc.), Coloring (caramel, red koji), sake, polysaccharide thickening, pH adjustment agent, (wheat included in some of the ingredients)


Hitsumabushi, which is said to have originated in Nagoya, is, simply put, a dish of shredded eel topped with rice. It seems that the origin of the name "Ohitsu" is to be thought of as "doused in an Ohitsu". Incidentally, I heard that in the Kansai region, they call it 'Hitsuzamushi'.

So, for a person like myself who is getting old, the market price of the eel was fixed as Shizuoka's Hamanako, but actually (now) it doesn't seem to be so.

So, this time, I tried the "Matcha Hittsumabushi", which is sold at ekiben. And on the package, the following was written.
  • Roasted eel from Mikawa Isshiki, Japan's No. 1 eel production area.
  • Matcha in Nishio, the largest matcha production area in Japan.
  • Served with the longest Moriguchi daikon in Japan.
  • Hitsumabushi", a Nagoya specialty, with tea or dashi soup.

That means you can eat eels of Mikawa's one color with matcha tea from Nishio and Moriguchi daikon as a side dish, right? Yeah, that's good, that's great.

Well, when I opened the box, I found the instructions for "Hitsumabushi" on it.
  • The first course is "as it is" and put sauce on it if you like.
  • The second course is "Yakumi", which is topped with nori (seaweed) or wasabi (Japanese horseradish).
  • The third course is "Ochazuke", which is topped with wasabi or green tea.

Wow, we're going to do this with an ekiben... I can do it because I'm eating at home. Tare, Sansho, Nori, Wasabi, and Matcha, all of which are carefully prepared.

Tare and Sansho.
When I opened the package, I found a roughly chopped eel kabayaki covered with brown rice. And on the edge of it was the pickled Moriguchi radish and grilled liver wrapped in a sauce. I tried it with tare and sansho (Japanese pepper), and yes, it's an eel bowl. And this is delicious. First and foremost, the eels are delicious! And the accompanying grilled liver was a bit like salted tsukudani, and the Moriguchi daikon was similar to Nara-zuke.

Nori and Wasabi
Next, try mixing nori and horseradish, yes, this is a good one too. For those who don't like eel on rice, it might be a good idea.

With Green Tea
At the end of the day, I transferred it to a bowl and ate it with matcha tea dissolved in hot water. Then, the tension suddenly dropped. It became a little tepid ochazuke, so it was not good.

But this "Hitsumabushi" was definitely good. It's a gem that I want to eat again.
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