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Co., Ltd. Morihachi
10-15 Otemachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa , Japan

Category: Confectionery
Product Name: Hodatsu
Raw Materials: sugar, egg, red bean, maltose, glutinous rice, wheat flour, vegetable oil and fat, honey, yam, white bean jam, starch syrup, agar, salt, trehalose, expander, emulsifier, pH adjuster, flavouring, colouring (gold leaf), containing egg, wheat and soy

Best-Before Date: It was about two weeks when it arrived.

How to Store: Keep out of direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.


Morihachi (the other two are Koshino Yuki in Nagaoka City and Yamakawa in Matsue City, all of which are rakugan), which makes Chosei Den, one of the three most famous confections in Japan in the past. It's all about the Kaga clan's official confectioner~. The modern confectionery made by the confectionery store is called "Hodatsu". Recently, it seems to have become a hot topic on TV and the Internet, and it's gradually reaching my ears.

Well, I don't feel like I've been put on the spot, but I'm going to eat it.

I smelled the half-moon shaped "Hodatsu", which is Dora-yaki style, and I could smell the faint aroma of Dora-yaki. Because it's Kanazawa, it's also covered with gold dust, which is a trademark of Kanazawa. When I cut it in half, there was a lot of red bean jam inside. When I tried it, the moist and chewy crust (dough) was sweet and gave it a Western flavor, but then the red bean paste in the center brought back the Japanese flavor. I ate one and it had a strong presence in my stomach, and when I ate two, my stomach was thankful... Well, it's small, but it's worth eating.

I don't know... I was just at the edge of whether to publish it or not.
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