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Iwayado-Yokan Kuro-Neri
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211 Odaki Chikaraishi, Esashi-ku, Oshu City, Iwate, Japan

Category: Japanese confectionery
Product Name: Iwayado-Yokan Kuro-Neri
Raw Materials: Red bean paste, sugar, water candy, agar


Iwayado-Yokan is a yokan that originated in the name of Iwayado in Esashi City (now Oshu City), south of Iwate Prefecture. This area was inhabited by the Oshu Fujiwara clan before they moved to Hiraizumi, and the "Essashi Fujiwara no Sato", used as a filming location for historical dramas, is also located here in Esashi City.

When we think of Yokan in Iwate, Iwayado-Yokan is very famous and there is nothing else that comes to mind. Incidentally, Iwayado Tansu is also famous.

I bought a black brick out of several kinds of Iwayado-Yokan, but when I opened the package, I found it was quite black and full of the aroma of brown sugar. When you try it, the flavor of the brown sugar itself dominates, and it even feels like Okinawa's brown sugar is made into Yokan. I've never seen such straight brown sugar yokan before. Well, it looks hard, but the hardness is no different from that of ordinary yokan. Hmmm, whatever you say, it's still delicious.

Normally, when you eat yokan, you want to have tea, but this is not so strange. When you eat it, it has a huge presence in your mouth, but after a while, it melts away. What the hell is going on here?
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