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Co., Ltd. Jyumangoku-Fukusaya
2-27-28, Nagano, Gyoda City, Saitama, Japan

Category: Japanese sweets
Product Name: Jyumangoku-Manjuu
Raw Materials: Sugar, red beans, tsukune sweet potatoes, jamishin flour, wheat flour, starch, expander

Best-Before Date: It needs to be refrigerated for about a week


Jyumangoku-Manjuu is famous for its "Yummy, yummy too" commercial (in Saitama), and the package is apparently drawn by Mr. Munakata Shiko. Why is that word "too good to be true" so hard to read at first? I was very concerned about the strange arrangement of the letters... But somehow, it's that kind of packaging that draws people in.

Incidentally, 100,000 stone is the stone height of Shinobi clan (Oshihan: clan that existed in Saitama-gun, Musashi Province), and the person eating the manju of the package may be a princess. Hmmm, the package and the commercial are quite nice.

I took the white manjuu with the "Jyumangoku" engraved on it and sniffed it. Take a bite and you'll find that the moist bean jam is cold and delicious. Somehow, this bean jam is high class.

The TV commercial for "Yummy, yummy too" is (moderately) convincing. This is the atmosphere of a sakuman, but it's also a pure manjuu that's different from that. The thin-skinned dough, "Tororo" (which is made from yam), is similar to the skin of Sake Manjuu and Funeral Manjuu, and can be characterized by its less-sweet, watery anko.

A few days later, I ate some of the Jyumangoku-Manjuu that I had in the fridge, and the skin and the anko were still soft and tasty. Well, to put it in a nutshell, it's a manjuu loved by the locals.
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