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Category: food pickled in malted rice
Product Name: Kabura-Zushi
Raw Materials: Turnip, yellowtail, carrot, pickled ingredients (kombu, red pepper, rice malt, salt)

.. Bankruptcy in 2009.


Kabura-Zushi is a local specialty of Hokuriku, and it is so popular and expensive that people say, "If you don't eat Kabura-Zushi, you won't feel like the New Year has arrived. Every year, when the cold yellowtail comes in (November to March), each family starts to make "Kabura-Zushi", and they marinate it for more than a month to complete it.

A long time ago, I was watching a TV program that introduced this "Kabura-Zushi", and a local old man said, "It's really good. I remember him saying, "I'm having so much fun, I can't believe I'm having fun. So, I really wanted to try it at least once.

When I took it out of the simple white bag, I found it was a mixture of red and white. The orange part above is a carrot with koji and it's raw. This raw (not even pickled) carrot has taken us by surprise. The large white part is a turnip, and the red meat sandwiched between the two is yellowtail.

Hmm, is this a plaything? . Doesn't rice have to be cooked separately? .

When I tried it, the yellowtail had a faint fish smell, which was a bit harsh for an amateur (a stranger) who was not used to it. But if you put a little bit of soy sauce on it, it might be okay. Well, it seems that each home, shop, and pickling condition makes a variety of tastes, so it may not be possible to say a general opinion.

But I had a feeling that it was too early to eat it, but I didn't know when I should eat it, since there was no instruction manual.

There are many things that a stranger can't easily understand about local soul food. These days, I thought we should eat together while being taught by the local people.

According to what I saw and heard later on, this is what we eat as a snack. If you think it's still sweet, you can ripen it in the refrigerator.

Later on, I saw a TV program that used yellowtail that had been salted for about 10 months and had no smell and was very tasty. It's completely different from what I wrote on the first page. Well, there are a lot of things in "Kabura-Zushi" too.
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