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Aburi-Kintoki (Only available in summer)
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Category: Japanese fresh confectionery
Product Name: Aburi-Kintoki
Raw Materials: Sweet potatoes, sugar, honey and black sesame seeds

Potatoes are rich in vitamin C.

How to Eat Sweet Potatoes and Not Fart


While searching for Tokushima's specialties, I came across a strange thing called "Uzu-Imo". What's with the "Uzu-Imo"? As soon as I placed my order, a short time later I received a phone call in a young woman's voice (that's what it sounded like). It's a powerful Tokushima dialect, and even though I don't know what he's saying, the intonation is so compelling that I've fallen in love with the Tokushima dialect.

I pieced together the words I could understand, and they seem to be saying, "There is no Uzu-Imo, so how about 'Aburi-Kintoki'? So, I had no choice but to do what I was advised to do, as I thought I couldn't be more stubborn.

Aburi-Kintoki is made by extracting Naruto-Kintoki-Imo, steaming it in a kettle, then soaking it in bees in a bees bed that has been used for more than 70 years, then slowly drying it, and then roasting both sides over an open fire. So, it says that if you bake them in a toaster oven for about 10 minutes, the surface will become crispy and taste even better.

Looking at the "Aburi-Kintoki" that arrived, it looks like the Daigaku-Imo. But whatever, let's just take it in for the time being...

We tried the moist and heavy sweet potato, and it was delicious. I feel like I haven't had a sweet potato in a long time, but I've never had a sweet potato so good. This is a hokey sweet potato with starchy bumps on it. The whole dish is sprinkled with black sesame seeds, which accentuates the flavor. Next, I baked it a bit and ate it, and the sweet potato aroma came back, which was also delicious.
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