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Mikasano, Kojyono-Tsuki Assortment
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Product Name: Kojyono-Tsuki
Category: Japanese fresh confectionery
Raw Materials: Sugar, eggs, cold weather, white hands.

Product Name: Mikasano
Category: Japanese fresh confectionery
Raw Materials: Sugar, eggs, flour, red beans, honey, starch syrup

Best-Before Date: Just over a week


Recently, I bought a book about hand-me-downs and looked at it, and found that this "Kojyono-Tsuki" was introduced with a beautiful photo. It looked delicious, so I was put on it.

Kojyono-Tsuki" is a confectionary presented to the Oka clan lord who owned Oita during the Edo period, and was said to have been called "the moon over the night" in those days. After that, the name was changed to "Kojyono-Tsuki", a famous song by Rentaro Taki, which was composed at the ruins of Oka Castle in the early Showa era.

The song "Kojyono-Tsuki" was written by Bansui Doi from Sendai. This is why the song "Kojyono-Tsuki" is still loved by the people of Sendai, and a monument to the song has been erected at the site of Sendai Castle and there is a main road called Bansuidori in the city. Oh, and the sweets are not "Kojyono-Tsuki" but "Hagi no Tsuki".

When I opened the paper box with the old design, a white ball and a thin brown item came out. They are called Kojyono-Tsuki and Mikasano, respectively.

At first glance, the little white balls look like marshmallows, but when you touch them, they are sticky and stick to your hand with a gentle touch. They are about the size of a ping-pong ball and have the shape of a crushed bun, don't they? When I tossed the white ball into my mouth, I found that the outer part was definitely a marshmallow, and the yolk bean jam in the center, or rather most of it, was a moist bean jam with a flavor similar to that of the Fukuoka hiyoko.

Also, I tried the fox-colored wrapped pancake "Mikasano", which was, well, super sweet. That's right, it's a powerful sweetness that has not been seen recently.

Well, if you cut down on the sweetness, the balance of the whole thing will become bad, and you can't change the taste so easily. Also, I'm sure there are people who like this sweetness...
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