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Souvenirs of Tsuruoka, Kokyo
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Category: fresh confectionery
Product Name: Kokyo
Raw Materials/
An: sugar, red beans, trehalose, agar
Mochi: glutinous rice flour, sugar, maltose, trehalose, starch syrup, enzymes, emulsifiers (including soy and milk ingredients in some of the ingredients)

Best-Before Date: About four weeks


Kokyo is a famous confection that represents the Shonai region, centered on Sakata and Tsuruoka on the Sea of Japan side of Yamagata Prefecture. If you have a coworker who is from Shonai, you'll see it at least once as a regular souvenir.

On the website, it says, "Kokyo, a local confectionery, was carefully made with the help of Kokyo, which was unearthed from the Kagami area of Mount Haguro, which is famous throughout Japan as a training ground for mountain priests.

The box was so heavy that I felt like I had been given some kind of a dignified errand like yokan. When you open the outer box, there are three long, narrow inner boxes inside. When I opened the long, narrow inner box, I was greeted by three paper wrappers of Kokyo. When I opened the paper wrapper, I found a round red bean-colored lump covered with sugar... Hmmm, it's quite a splendid figure~.

You should try it, huh? This is the flavor of sweet natto. As I ate more, spilling the crunchy sugar on the outside, I found a white gyuhi rice cake in the center. Well, in other words, it could be called "Kintsuba", which is made with sticky red beans.

By the way, I can't throw away the red turnip I bought with it.

Kimura-ya was spun off from Ginza Kimura-ya (Kimura-ya Sohonten) in Tokyo. And the neighboring Sakata Kimura-ya in Sakata City was also spun off, but these two companies are separate.
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