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Gion Hararyo-kaku Kuro-shichimi
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Category: Kuro-shichimi Hakkaku-tsutsu
Raw Materials: white sesame seeds, chili pepper, Japanese pepper, aonori, poppy seeds, black sesame seeds, onomino seeds

Best-Before Date: It's been about three months when it arrived.

How to Store: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity, and store in a cool, dark place.

Regardless of whether it is opened or unopened, it is recommended to keep it refrigerated to prevent pests and loss of quality.


I used to buy shichimi at the supermarket because I thought it would be the same for everyone, but recently I found out about Kuro-shichimi and I was very interested in it.

It seems that there are three major shichimi in Japan, Yagenbori (Asakusa), Shichimi-ya (Kyoto) and Yawataya Isogoro (Zenkoji). I was torn between the aforementioned Shichimi-ya and the popular Hararyo-kaku, so I decided to go for the Hararyo-kaku Kuro-shichimi, which is said to have a distinctive sansho flavor.

By the way, there are seven different spices used in the shichimi chili peppers, and they differ slightly from region to region and shop to shop.

And when I tried to assemble the octagonal chili pepper container kit, I could smell the aroma of cypress in the air. When I transferred the Kuro-shichimi from the bag to the tube, it was dark brown and smelled faintly of chili pepper. Then, when I poured it over the pickled Chinese cabbage from Kyoto, which I bought together, the aroma of sansho wafted through the air.

When I tried it, I was intrigued by the lightness of the pickled chili, then by the aroma of sansho (Japanese pepper), then by the pungent flavor of the chili.

Hmm, but it doesn't feel like a shichimi. You can feel the nobility of Kyoto, which seems to keep strangers (newcomers) at bay. Hmmm, I guess you have to get used to eating it to get into the world of Kuro-shichimi...
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