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Taste of Hakata, Spicy Mentaiko
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Category: Spicy Mentaiko
Raw Materials: Pollock Ovary (Russian or American), Salt, Fermented Seasonings, Chili Pepper, Fish Sauce, Seasonings (Amino Acids, etc.), Antioxidant (Vitamin C), Niacin, Colorant (Na-sulfite), Coloring (Red 3, Red 102, Yellow 5)

Best-Before Date: Chilled 14 days

Spicy Mentaiko

Spicy Mentaiko (Karashi-Mentaiko), a specialty of Fukuoka, was originally from the Korean Peninsula. Therefore, the origin of the word "Mentaiko" is also said to be in the Korean peninsula. It is said that the owner of Fukuya made "Spicy Mentaiko" to suit the Japanese people, and it is the first time that it was available in Japan. Incidentally, the ingredient of Mentaiko is a pollock egg.

When I opened the package, hmmm, it was quite red. Is this because of the coloring? I bought it at a trade show and it was this one, but I should have bought the one that says "no coloring".

And when I sniffed it, it had that unique smell of Spicy Mentaiko. It smells a little raw, a little spicy. Then I cut it in two, and the inside is full of orange popping eggs... I tried a little bit of it, and it felt like it would get on my tongue, then quickly fade away, followed by a pungent taste. The next time you pretend to be accustomed to it and boldly go for it, it's quite painful. Hmm, I guess the skin part is spicy. It may be unappetizing to those who like it, but I felt a bit of a raw smell.

Let's bake it and eat it after all. When it was grilled, it was eaten without feeling uncomfortable. It's so spicy and spicy that it makes you want to eat rice (or drink). It's easier to eat, but it's quickly gone.

Oh, yeah, it was also good to put raw Spicy Mentaiko on the hot rice (no raw smell). All right.

One day, I ate some Mentaiko (Japanese Mentaiko) in a hoka-ben, which was in the form of a bunch of goron (a type of fish), and it was delicious and had no raw smell. As I was wondering why, I heard that the raw smell disappears when you dip it in sake, white wine, brandy or awamori. Oooh, let's do it next time.

By the way, "Mentaiko" and "chili Mentaiko" are the same thing, but "chili Mentaiko" is made from pollock, and "Mentaiko" is made from other kinds of cod.
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