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pure strain Nagoya-Cochin chicken and rice
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Category: Bento
Product Name: (pure strain)Cochin chicken and rice
Raw Materials: chicken rice (uruchi rice, glutinous rice, cochin chicken, burdock root), chicken (pure strainnagoya-cochin), quail egg, stewed (shiitake mushroom, carrot), wild vegetables, pickled radish (including wheat, soybeans, eggs, milk, pork), seasoning (amino acids, etc.), colorant (caramel), sweetener (sorbit, stevia, licorice), pH adjuster, preservative (k sorbic acid), glycine.


I heard that Nagoya-Cochin is delicious not only for the chicken but also for its eggs, and the shells of the eggs are cherry-red and They're there. Nah, I'd like to take a look at it, or maybe even eat it~. But nowadays, it's easy to find the pictures on the internet.

And why is it called Cochin instead of Jidori? It seems to come from a chicken called "Nagoya-Cochin", which was improved from a chicken called "Naga". Nagoya-Cochin is a pretty good-sounding name, isn't it. It doesn't sound like a Chinese name, but it has a western sound to it.

(At Nagoya-Cochin's bento.)

The basket woven from the bark of the bamboo sapling was very nice. And when I opened the lid, I found a boiled egg on top of it. Mmm, but it's a little small~. It's a quail egg, isn't it? The main body of the bento is seasoned brown rice (chicken rice) with chicken and shiitake on top. Yummy.

And when you try the chicken, hmmm? What is this texture.... It is very crunchy, and the fat is gelatinous, similar to a canned whale. It's a very nice texture. Hmmm, I don't know if this is a characteristic of Nagoya-Cochin or not. Also, the chicken rice has a normal taste, and I don't know if the name "Nagoya-Cochin" is the only thing that struts about. Well, it can't be helped, but...

I'm sorry, the chicken rice is too difficult to make, but they are all equally good.
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