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Nanbu-Senbei Peanuts
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Co., Ltd. Komatsu-Seika
(sales company: Iwateya)
41-1 Maeta, Ishikiridokoro, Ninohe City, Iwate, Japan

Raw Materials: Flour, peanuts, sugar, salt, expansion agent (sodium bicarbonate)

  • Komatsu-Seika has a 50% share of the market.
  • It's baked in a Nanbu-Tekki.
  • Squid rice crackers and chocolate soups are also popular these days.


Nanbu-Senbei has been a very popular cracker for a long time. When I was little, my neighbor's grandfather used to take out the "Nanbu-SenbeI" from the Itto-Kan and eat it as a snack. The senchochi were sold in cans with tight lids, because they are vulnerable to humidity. At the time, sesame and peanuts were the mainstay, but nowadays, it seems that there are many others.

Nanbu-Senbei is a rice cracker made in the southern part of Japan, which straddles Iwate and Aomori prefectures (old Nanbu-han). The southern part of Iwate Prefecture is not the southern part of Iwate, but the northern part of the prefecture.

It doesn't look so tasty at first glance, but when you try it, it's savory and pretty good. Although it's a thin rice cracker, it has a whole peanut in it, and it attracts people like magic. And it's not sweet, it's not shoppy, it's not oily, it has a unique dry, savory flavor and texture that is indescribable. Also, it's a mysterious rice cracker that even contains the thin skin of a peanut. Hmmm, can't stop.

I used to eat the ears of senbei first and then the body. I still do. I couldn't eat it all, so I put it in a can. By the way, you may not be able to see it in the photo, but there are pictures and letters specific to the maker on the front and back.

A few years later, an acquaintance gave me a Nanbu-Senbei. When I looked at it, there were various kinds of Nanbu-Senbei in it. Natto, cuttlefish, and even some things that are considered evil. I tried many things, but the old peanuts are the best and the most safe taste.

Recently, Hachinohe Senbei-jiru has become a B-grade gourmet fever.

Lately, I've often been disappointed when I eat the Nanbu-Senbei I bought at a souvenir shop or supermarket. It wasn't the real Nanbu-Senbei. So I would like to recommend that you should buy Nanbu-Senbei made by Ninohe.
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